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Meet the Salomon Athletes at Skyline Scotland

22nd Jun 2023

Meet the Salomon Athletes at Skyline Scotland

As we gear up for another exciting edition of Salomon Skyline Scotland in September, we spoke to some of the wonderful athletes and Salomon Ambassadors taking part this year! Find out what they're looking forward to and their top tips for getting into trail running and sky running.


Salomon Skyline Scotland 2022 - Day 1 - © No Limits Photography 104
It's set to be an epic weekend ©No Limits Photography

Christian Servini (Ring of Steall)

What motivates you to race at Skyline Scotland 2023? 

Easy, those mountains and that spectacular landscape!

What are you looking forward to?

Definitely the challenge of it. I'm running in the Ring of Steall race, and while I've run in races with lots of elevation before, this route really packs in a lot of climb over the 18 miles, so I'm looking forward to seeing how I get on. I'm also really looking forward to meeting up in-person with a fantastic runner I coach who lives on the Isle of Mull. He's also running the Ring of Steall race and it'll be the first time we've met in-person - maybe not surprising given we live 500 miles away from each other!   

How do you plan to train? 

As specifically as I can. Lots and lots of hills and elevation. Obviously I'll be running a lot but hiking's really important and often overlooked. I'll be incorporating hikes with a weighted rucksack up some steep climbs local to me in South Wales - more fun than just running all the time. The distance of the Ring of Steall means there's no real need for super long weekly mileage, so my other runs will be mostly easy paced sessions with one speed session and one or two strength workouts a week.

What's your top tip for someone new to sky running? 

If you don't have big hills or mountains nearby, then my advice is to try and incorporate some quality time in the mountains at least once or twice a month alongside your normal training. It's the time on feet, ascent, attrition and exposure to the conditions that you need to get used to.

20211017_121304(0)[68]This will be Christian's first time at the Ring of Steall


Serena Broadway (Grey Mare's Tail 5k)

What motivates you to race at Skyline Scotland 2023?

For me Skyline Scotland is a celebration of trail running. A whole weekend with a range of routes to suit everyone. Seeing all the amazing photos from last year's event gave me serious FOMO, so I'm thrilled to be able to line up at the Skyline Scotland 2023 and experience it for myself.

This year I'm heading with my family and a group of friends for the whole weekend all taking on different races. So I am really looking forward to the festival atmosphere and spending a whole weekend with the fabulous trail running community.

What you are looking forward to?

I have not raced at Skyline Scotland before and I am looking forward to racing in a beautiful part of the world. I usually run longer races, so I will need to try and find my fast legs for this race. 

How do you plan to train?

I am going to get out on my local trails with friends. Try to find terrain near me which is similar to the race. I always find having a race is good to give me a focus to my running.

Your top tip for someone new to trail running?

Focus on what your effort feels like, not your pace. This is the difference between road and trail that took me a while to get used to. Don't worry if you are a bit slower as the different terrain and added elevation will all make a difference. Also, don't forget to enjoy the views, a definite bonus of trail running. 

IMG_20230530_093451_HDRSerena will be tackling the 5k trail race

Emi Dixon (Lochaber 80)

What motivates you to race at Skyline Scotland 2023?

I've heard that Lochaber 80 is very challenging and pretty technical, which is what got me interested. I do a lot of races around the 80k-100k distance, but I try to use them as a way to see amazing places, so I tend to look for somewhere new to explore each time. 

Have you raced at Skyline Scotland before?

I ran Ring of Steall two years ago, which was my first ever Skyrace, and my first race in Scotland! I was blown away by the scenery, and by how fast some people can throw themselves down a scree slope. I'm hoping that over the 80k distance I'll have a better chance of keeping up. 

How do you plan to train?

I live near the Bavarian Alps at the moment so getting the elevation in training is no problem for me. I will do a few races of a similar distance earlier in the summer, so hopefully by September I'll be fit from a summer of racing and running around the mountains. For Lochaber I'm planning to work on my technical speed, especially downhill, as I understand it's a pretty technical course in places, and over 9+ hours that can take a lot of mental energy… and that's in good weather.

Your top tip for someone new to trail running?

The gym is your best friend. I would sacrifice a run to fit in strength training in a heartbeat, it will keep you doing what you enjoy for much longer. Most people learn that the hard way, though.  

Apart from that enjoy it! Enjoy the incredible places we get to explore and the insane privilege of being able to get yourself there on your own two feet – if you feel like that, the motivation for training comes naturally. 

ringofsteall22Emi raced at the Ring of Steall last year, and this year is back for the Lochaber 80!


Follow in their footsteps

Join these incredible athletes on the start line this September!

Entries are still open for the 2023 Salomon Skyline Scotland. From 5k trail races, to 80k ultras, to challenging and technical sky races, there is something for every kind of runner!

Which race will you enter?


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We look forward to seeing you there! ©No Limits Photography

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