News - Mon 12th Sep 2016 - Rule Clarifications - Salomon Skyline Scotland

Rule Clarifications

12th Sep 2016


The following rules for all three races have been clarified. The new wording is underlined:

Littering, Any Competitor seen dropping litter will be disqualified. Any competitor unable to produce their rubbish at the end of the race will be disqualified.

Equipment Dumping, It is not possible to leave surplus equipment with event staff at the checkpoints, for example leaving a climbing helmet at Checkpoint 2 in the Salomon Glen Coe Skyline™. Please do not ask them to take anything for you. Competitors must finish the race with the same equipment that they started with.

Support Runners, are NOT allowed in this event. If someone wishing to run has not entered the event, they are NOT allowed to run with the competitors. Any person attempting this will cause their officially entered associate(s) to be disqualified immediately and all the runners involved will receive significant bans from all Ourea Ltd events. Supporters and spectators are welcome to stand at the Checkpoints and anywhere on the route.

Supporting Competitors, is allowed. Such as passing on additional food or drink at any point during the race. 

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