News - September 2016 - Salomon Skyline Scotland

News - September 2016

CD2A6533 Race Director's Report - Skyline Scotland 2016 22nd Sep 2016

  "When asked what I thought of the race I could only be honest and say it was the best course I had ever... GlenCoe2016-8465 Salomon Ring of Steall Skyrace™ - Technical & Relentless 17th Sep 2016 @ 21:00

Uncompromising mountain running, ridges, scrambles, steep ascents, boggy ground and a bucket full of technical... GlenCoe2016-1319 Jasmin Paris and Jonathan Albon are EXTREME Champions 18th Sep 2016 @ 21:00

After an incredible weekend of Skyrunning in the Scottish Highlands, both Jasmin Paris and Jonathan Albon have won...

steep slopes UK's First Vertical Kilometre Race Kicks Off Skyline Scotland Weekend 16th Sep 2016

France's Alexis Sévennec set a blistering 42 minutes and 17 seconds course record yesterday at the inaugural...

warning-icon-md Landslide in Steall Gorge 14th Sep 2016

Update 15/9/16 After the subsequent closure of the Steall Gorge path, we are able to confirm that the Salomon Ring...

warning-icon-md Rule Clarifications 12th Sep 2016

The following rules for all three races have been clarified. The new wording is underlined: Littering, Any... GlenCoe2015-2543WEB Salomon Glen Coe Skyline™ 2016 Preview 12th Sep 2016

The third and final 2016 Skyrunner® World Series EXTREME race, the Salomon Glen Coe Skyline™, will be held in... GlenCoe2015-4124 Spectating Information 8th Sep 2016

Spectators are very welcome at Skyline Scotland 2016! We want to grow the local and outdoor community support for...

warning-icon-md Traffic Information For Friday Arrivals 2nd Sep 2016

  On the afternoon of Friday 16th September, approximately 1,000 participants in the Deloitte Ride Across...

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