News - January 2018 - Salomon Skyline Scotland

News - January 2018

Ben Nevis Ultra 2017- Steve Ashworth-13 Radically Redesigned Salomon Ben Nevis Ultra For 2018 4th Jan 2018

Welcome to our update on the Salomon Ben Nevis Ultra™ - the most daring mountain Ultra in the UK and the 2018...

Salomon-Mamores-VK 2018 Entries Open 9th January 4th Jan 2018

Salomon Skyline Scotland™ 2018 combines four of the most daring mountain races in the world into a dramatic...

CD2A3681WEB Salomon Skyline Scotland™ Recce Weekends 8th Jan 2018

We are delighted to offer guided recce weekends for three of the Salomon Skyline Scotland™ race routes in 2018. ...

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