Club Shield

Club Shield

Heard of a Club Cup? Well we're inviting clubs to enter teams to compete for a St. Andrews shield instead!

Just enter the races as you would normally and be sure to choose your club from the dropdown when prompted. Easy! Rules below.


Club Shield - Copyright No Limits Photography

In 2019 the Club Shield was won by Ambleside AC ©No Limits Photography 


How will it work?


  • A team is automatically created from the results when:
    • one unique runner finishes in three of the four Skyline Scotland Trail Races - there is no maximum number of runners your club can have entered into each race!
    • each runner must have selected the same club (from the dropdown list) upon completing their entry
    • both sexes must be represented across the three races (e.g. 2 female + 1 male or 1 female + 2 males at minimum)



  • 3 male competitors from the same club finish three of the Trail Races - will not count as a team due to missing any female competitors.
  • 2 female competitors and 1 male competitor finish with the following configuration: female 1 finishes the 10K, female 2 finishes the 18K, male 1 finishes the 30K - will count as a team.
  • 2 female competitors and 1 male competitor finish with the following configuration of race entries: female 1 finishes both the 10K, male 1 finishes the 5K, female 2 finishes the 10K - will NOT count as a team due no 18K or 30K result.
  • 3 female and 4 males competitors enter with finishers in all four of the Trail Races - will count as a team.



  • A score is applied to every finisher in each of the Trail Races as follows; 1st place = 1 point, 2nd place = 2 points.
  • The lowest combined score wins the Club Shield
    • these must be achieved from a mix of sexes (e.g. three female or three male scores are not valid).
  • In the event of a tie, the winning team will be the team with the least aggregate time taken across the three individual results.