Guidance on your options if you can no longer participate in Skyline Scotland® 2021

Guidance on your options if you can no longer participate in Skyline Scotland® 2021

Here is a simple breakdown of our terms and conditions to explain your options if you have an entry but can no longer attend. 

Please note that our published terms and conditions supersede any discrepancies, inaccuracies, or inferred terms otherwise arrived at from this page.



have not got Refund Protect on my entry

In this case, for all events except the Ring of Steall Skyrace™, we can only issue you with a refund (less an admin fee) if you find someone to take your place and that new person is all paid up and entered before the transfer deadline of Friday 10th September

Once the new person has signed up, and informed us they have done so, then we can start the refund process. The amount refunded will be the full entry fee minus a £10 admin fee.


What about the Ring of Steall Skyrace™?

If you are entered into the Salomon Ring of Steall Skyrace™ then we may be able to help you find someone to take your place as this is the only event that we operate a waiting list for. However, there are no guarantees that someone from the waiting list will accept your place, so it’s a good idea for you to be proactive and also look for a replacement. 


I have Refund Protect on my entry

In this case, you can apply for a refund from Refund Protect to see if you have a valid reason. We cannot advise on specifics, but we can signpost you to this help topic on Refund Protect, which does cover certain scenarios (e.g. injury, changes to examination dates, death of immediate family +more) that may entitle you to receive a refund for your entry from them.


What about Covid-19?

If Covid-19 international travel restrictions are going to make your participation in Skyline Scotland® 2021 impossible / impractical, then we can offer you a refund if necessary (we would always prefer to defer your entry to the 2022 event [free of charge of course] in this situation if possible). 

The Scottish Government's advice on international travel and managed isolation (quarantine) is currently using a traffic-light system and we have said that we will offer a refund if the country you are travelling from is in the red or amber category at any time from Monday 9th August to the start of the event.


CAN I DEFER (i.e. move my entry to 2022)? 

Sorry, there is no option to defer an entry to Skyline Scotland® 2022 unless

  1. you are entitled to the international travel clause as above or
  2. you can take advantage of our pregnancy deferral policy.



NO, please do not be tempted to try this. Likewise, you cannot simply swap your entry in SiEntries. We run checks at registration to prevent this from being possible and our event rules state:

Unregistered Runners: It is absolutely forbidden for people to take part in the event if they have not registered as a participant, and anybody doing so will receive a life ban from Ourea Ltd events.