How to Trail Run Workshops - Salomon Skyline Scotland

How to Trail Run Workshops

What? How to Trail Run Workshops - Run with Salomon Athletes

When? T.B.C.

Where? Ice Factor

How much? FREE (registration required - limited spaces)



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With most of the Salomon International Team attending the event, we are providing an exclusive opportunity for anyone to embark on a crash course in the sensations, feelings and experience of trail running with the Salomon athletes. These How To Trail Run workshops are ideal for novice and intermediate trail runners, as well as more experienced road runners looking to make a transition to the trails. So, if you have ever wondered…


  • What is Trail Running all about, how do I begin training for Trail Running?
  • I like trail running, but I’m worried about getting injuries. How can I stay injury free?
  • How do I stay fresh and feel good for the whole trail race?
  • How do I get the confidence to attack the downhills?
  • What are the tactics for running uphill with less effort?
  • What shoes and clothing should I wear for trail running?



These How to Trail Run workshops include time for a Q&A with the Salomon experts, and the opportunity to run with the Salomon athletes on the trails around Kinlochleven. There will also be demo Salomon shoes to try. Each workshop will last approximately 90 minutes. There are 80 spaces available, and they are free! If you would like to attend you will need to choose whether you are a:


  • Novice (I have done no trail running before)
  • Beginner (I have done some trail running)
  • Intermediate (I run trail, and want to improve)
  • Roadie (I run on the roads, and intend to do more trail running)


We will group people together in rough areas of ability, so that you can maximise your trail running experience with the Salomon Team.


Please fill in this short form to register for a How to Trail Run workshop taking place at [T.B.C.] Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.